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Will your business thrive in the digital economy?

Transforming to win in today’s business environment

Posted By: Zantek

Digital transformation is not a recent phenomenon but what's new is the accelerated momentum driving change. We are re-thinking, re-imaging, re-inventing everything – from how we interact with suppliers, employees and customers to how we run our operations – and it’s happening faster than ever. Uber is an excellent example. It revolutionized the taxi business and it doesn’t own a single car! Who saw that coming? This ‘multinational online transportation network’ found a way to connect people who need a ride with drivers who want to earn extra money. Just tap the app.

You’re part of it

According to IDC’s Thriving in the Digital Economy report, you’re likely part of the digital transformation. Research reveals that a quarter of all small firms and roughly 40% of midsize firms worldwide have deployed at least one digital technology component. As shown below, resources vary by company size but many have at least started their journey.

Source: Thriving in the Digital Economy, an InfoBrief by IDC

How do you compare? 

The report goes on to note that faster-growing businesses are more likely to appreciate technology benefits. Check out the responses below to see how your business compares.

Source: Thriving in the Digital Economy, an InfoBrief by IDC

Don’t get Uber-ed

What IDC’s report doesn’t say (at least not specifically) is that if you don’t see technology as way to advance your business, you could be quickly outmaneuvered by competitors. The biggest leap forward, for many established businesses, is a mindset shift. Do you see technology as a necessary evil or a business enabler? Are you ready to open your mind to new ideas? If you haven’t already fully embraced technology, it’s time to get on board. In fact, it’s essential to your business success.

What you can do right now:

  • Talk about it! The best way to spark new ideas is open dialogue. Make innovation and transformation part of every business conversation.
  • Learn more. Digitalist magazine suggests five easy steps to secure your place in the digital economy (spoiler: it’s not just about technology): Digital Transformation Will Happen to You - 5 Things You Must Do To Prepare.
  • Partner with us. At Zantek, we have the business acumen and technical expertise to help you accelerate your goals and thrive in the digital economy.