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Why Zantek?

A keen understanding of clients’ needs, excellent products and services, old-fashioned business values in a new-age industry…these are some of the reasons that our customers select Zantek and stay with us. But don’t take our word for it...

Theresa Helgason, President & CEO West Textiles Ltd.

“We have recently hired Zantek to look after our IT requirements. From the initial meeting to making the switch from our past IT person, the experience has been seamless. We feel extremely confidant going forward. 

Thank you to Ron and Steve!”

James Bloomfield, Principal, CostWise Business Consulting

“Hello Zantek,

 I wanted to give a big thanks to you for being some of the best IT people I’ve ever worked with.  I’ve had a frustrating morning due to another, less skilled company I work with from time to time. I’m amazed at the number of would-be IT companies who simply don’t know what they’re doing and make proclamations about the source of the problem (generally other peoples fault) without knowing what they’re talking about. It is refreshing to work with a professional company like Zantek.

 So, here it goes….


Monique Constant, Centre de santé Saint-Boniface

“I was initially concerned about this move because there were multiple agencies involved, with rigid budget-approval processes. It was imperative that everything was completed on the weekend without any disruption to the services we provide. It went seamlessly. Zantek was fully engaged during every step, which gave me confidence. We were up and running – on time and on budget – with no hassles.”

Krista Venn, Sexton Group

"We searched for years for buying group specific ERP software. Finally, Zantek tailored a solution for us and expertly managed integration with LBMX, to give us one system with everything we need."

Neil Rykiss, Ryco Enterprises

“We have had several fantastic experiences with IT support from Zantek…as compared to other tech support services we had previously worked with…and highly recommend them as needed. Service was professional, quick and easy. We either connected by phone or email for tech support. With our approval, they were able to log into to our computer to QUICKLY identify and resolve the issues each time. The most important part is that they know what to look for and take all the stress out of issues that are beyond our control and understanding. I cant thank them enough.”

Karen Catalano, Lowe Mechanical Services

"We couldn't be happier with the service we received. I was concerned about potential vendor delays and business interruptions when we upgraded our server but Zantek managed to a successful outcome. We were up and running on-time and everything went smoothly. Thanks Zantek!"

Kate McNeil, Cardinal Capital Management

"We are fortunate to have knowledgeable, professional people at Zantek working with us!"

Paul Sheedy, Pitblado Law

“The network assessment report prepared by Zantek provided us with an excellent framework for establishing a detailed IT roadmap that's aligned with our business objectives. The suggestions in the report have spurred a lot of productive and positive conversation that will ultimately lead to an enhanced level of capabilities and services. It's evident that Zantek put a lot of effort into the report and we are very pleased with the end results.”

Michael Halligan, Optimed Software Corporation - a QHR Technologies Company

"Sometimes when I meet IT professionals, they rhyme off the speeds and feeds of the latest technology until my eyes roll up. Zantek, however, understands that it's all about making things easier for clients. It's a pleasure to work with a technology firm that really gets it."

Sean Rayner, President, Vets Sheet Metal

"Zantek took the time to really understand our business. Then it looked at every one of our business needs and matched them up with functionalities implemented in SAP Business One. Since we are very much a project-oriented company, Zantek also identified and proposed a projects management specialty application to augment SAP Business One."

Bruce King, Pitblado Law

"The network assessment report and the subsequent presentation of the findings were very helpful and, most importantly, understandable for a non-technical group. It gave us, as managers of the firm, a new appreciation for the complexity of our internal IT systems and the skills of the people we rely on to maintain them. The report accomplished what we were hoping for and more."

Paul Sheedy, Pitblado Law

“Tapping into Zantek’s expertise enables our IT team to seamlessly escalate any helpdesk issues and ensures we always have the resources we need. And since Zantek is proactively monitoring our network, it’s much easier to plan upgrades and, more importantly, avoid costly repairs and downtime. We have a smaller, more cohesive internal team but our overall service and preparedness has dramatically improved – at about the same cost.”

Ryan Krutzfeldt, Corporate Controller, Collicutt Compression Solutions

"SAP significantly improved our efficiency in month-end reporting. The implementation process was very smooth. Zantek was able to keep themselves and us on track with the deliverables."