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Overview Business Phone Services

The adoption of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is becoming an increasingly popular voice communication solution for Canadian businesses. These solutions offer a plethora of features, while utilizing existing infrastructure, to meet your communication needs. This is done by moving from a traditional phone line system, known as private branch exchange systems (PBX), to a voice solution that runs entirely through the internet.

Zantek offers an innovative VOIP business phone solution that is ideal for small to medium sized businesses. This solution is easy to use and rich in features, providing a seamless user experience while reducing costs.

This service is the perfect solution for businesses looking to increase the mobility of their voice communication systems. With our geographically redundant multi-device solution, you can receive calls from anywhere on your smartphone, computer, or traditional desk phone, all registered under a single user extension. Leave the restrictions of a single device and fixed phone location in the past.

Let us take care of your phone solutions so you can focus on what matters.

Make your life easier by switching to our Telephony service. This solution is hosted and managed by our team, so you never have to worry about technology or software upgrades which ensures your service is always running smoothly. There is no costly capital equipment or on-site IT maintenance required for this service. 

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