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Telltale signs that your business outgrew QuickBooks

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Like most Canadian businesses, you likely took your first step into accounting software with QuickBooks. This wildly popular program, developed by Intuit, is designed to meet the specific needs of small and start-up businesses. As your company grew though, you had to layer on additional programs that did not integrate with Quickbooks, so more people were hired to create more spreadsheets, enter more data, and reconcile the differences.

If you’re frustrated by seemingly endless quests for information to produce (what should be) a simple report, you’re not alone. Even if it’s done with 100% accuracy (and it seldom is!), manually entering the same information into separate programs makes it impossible to get an accurate view of your operations. This is more than just a time killer – it can be a serious growth barrier. “Information silos are a key source of frustration for employees – especially new ones!” says Ron Mondor, President, Zantek IT. "It’s particularly risky when key departments like sales, production, and purchasing are not sharing information – that can lead to excessive cost run-ups and damaged vendor and client relationships.”

5 reasons to upgrade from QuickBooks to ERP software

  1. Seamless flow of information in one program (e.g., CRM , estimating, project management, purchasing, production)
  2. Role-specific access to dashboards and streamlined approval workflow
  3. Everyone on the same page, at the same time – without performance issues
  4. Scalable software that grows with your business (e.g., add mobility, e-commerce, and partner integration)
  5. Industry-specific features

“There’s an easier way to manage your business,” says Mondor. “At some point, there’s just no logical reason to keep investing in something that’s not meeting your needs – or worse yet, holding you back.”

Get it together - in one place - with SAP Business One

SAP Business One is an ERP program that centralizes your business information so everyone has access to the same data - whether they're in the office, warehouse, or on the road.

  • žDashboards - A snapshot of the entire operation is at your fingertips and you can drill-down to details.
  • žCompany-wide access - All business functions, including sales orders, customer service, fulfillment, production, purchasing, distribution, and inventory are connected.
  • žAutomated processes - From designing a product to customer orders, production orders, purchasing and invoicing - you never have to re-enter information.

Save 10% on upgrade from QuickBooks to SAP Business One

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