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SAP Anywhere making its way to North America

New mobile-friendly software could fast track your digital transformation

Posted By: Zantek

It hit China first and now it’s in the UK. SAP Anywhere is making its way around the globe, transforming small and midsize businesses along the way. This isn’t just another version of the same old ERP software. SAP started from scratch to design a new cloud-based, mobile-friendly application specifically for small and midsize businesses. It partnered with technology innovators, like Google, PayPal and UPS so that SAP Anywhere is fully integrated with tools you need to run your business.

Referring to the UK launch, Rahul Sood, managing director, Google Apps said, “These businesses can now interact with their customers more effectively from within Google Apps with full visibility of their customer and inventory data using SAP Anywhere.”

Anywhere and everywhere

SAP Anywhere is designed so you can remotely run a business (starting with 10 employees up to 500), if you want to. It incorporates user-friendly digital tools that manage e-commerce, marketing, customer engagement, inventory management and business analytics, from any computer or mobile device. In fact, you can build an online store, complete with real-time inventory and pricing displays, on your phone or tablet.

SAP Anywhere is a front-office solution, which means it directly interacts with customers, rather than focusing on behind-the-scenes operations. It helps businesses market and sell their merchandise and streamlines the customer purchase process – from finding a product to obtaining after-sales service. According to Techaisle, an IT market research and industry analyst organization, SAP Anywhere is being very carefully positioned as an additive so that both SAP Anywhere and SAP Business One can sit together.

Check it out

There’s no word yet on when SAP Anywhere will arrive in North America but we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, check out the all of its slick features on the SAP Anywhere website for the UK.