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Removing roadblocks to sales success

Sales guru: If I can’t offer better service, I have to compete on price

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Remove sales roadblocks with SAP Business OneA self-proclaimed Sales Guru with more than 15 years’ experience, Greg has mastered the art of managing opportunities, closing sales, and exceeding quotas. The key to success, he says, lies in the data. “I work in sales but I need a full view of what’s happening in customer service, marketing, and production. Otherwise, I’m operating in the dark – and big, fat sales bonuses aren’t like mushrooms.”

Greg’s client meetings are strategically timed around customer warranties, service contracts, and service calls. He uses CRM insights to proactively plan sales calls and, if necessary, smooth over any trouble spots. When it comes to closing sales, Greg won’t make promises he can’t keep. “Nothing is more frustrating than going back to a customer – especially a new one – and telling them we can’t deliver on time. I need product information at my fingertips because my relationships are built on trust. If I can’t offer better service, I have to compete on price.” To keep his sales funnel full, Greg works closely with the marketing team to ensure his contacts receive timely, relevant information through automated campaigns.

The specialized manufacturing company that Greg works at uses SAP Business One to manage its operations. It’s a program that Greg fully endorses. “I worked for a short time at a company that didn’t have an ERP system and I was drowning in paperwork. You can’t get anything done right that way,” he said. His biggest complaint was entering the same data into various programs and spreadsheets, which often resulted in errors on sales orders and invoices. “I’ve turned down offers at companies just because they don’t use ERP. Once you’ve worked this way, there’s no going back,” he explained, adding that his smart phone is his sales lifeline.

Get it together - in one place

SAP Business One is an ERP program that centralizes your business information so everyone has access to the same data - whether they're in the office, warehouse, or on the road. For salespeople, it streamlines processes to free up more time for revenue-generating activities.

  • Access real-time information across the company, including customer service, inventory, production, purchasing, and distribution
  • Seamlessly share data to automate customer documents (e.g., quotes, orders, invoices)
  • Track key performance indicators (KPIs) and share results
  • Schedule and receive reminders for phone calls, meetings, and assigned tasks
  • Record activities along with detailed notes using a desktop or mobile device and link them to customers, vendors, and leads
  • Sync activities with Microsoft Outlook to effectively manage personal schedules

Take a test drive

See how SAP Business One can help you convert more prospects, close sales faster, and boost customer satisfaction. This self-guided tour covers managing sales opportunities and much more: SAP Business One test drive.

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