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Is it time to outsource IT?

Tapping into external expertise to streamline operations and reduce costs

Posted By: Zantek

Your IT operations are the backbone of your business. What would happen though if you lost key IT resources?

Too often, the responsibility of running IT operations at small and midsize companies rests primarily with one person. It’s difficult to proactively manage it all so the IT manager becomes reactive – the focus is on troubleshooting and maintenance rather than finding ways to accelerate business goals. This can present serious growth barriers but the greater risk in this scenario is if the person responsible for keeping things running smoothly is suddenly unavailable.

Many growing businesses, like Herd North America, tap into external expertise to streamline IT operations and reduce the risk of managing and retaining staff. Zantek worked closely with Herd to assess its IT environment and recommend business continuity initiatives that minimize overhead and potential downtime.

“We were concerned that our business would suffer if we lost key IT resources. Initially, our intent was to complement our IT team and now we rely solely on Zantek for network management,” said John Tuhkanen, Vice President at Herd North America. “The bottom line is that our operations are running smoothly – at a lower cost. Plus, there’s comfort in knowing that our technology is proactively managed and we’re alerted to potential issues before they can disrupt our operations.”

Read the case study to see how Herd North America streamlined its IT operations and reduce costs...

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