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Business continuity isn’t “all or nothing”

How a leading Manitoba-based law firm strikes the perfect balance with a hybrid approach

Posted By: Zantek

What do you do when you have in-house IT experts but you’re not certain that all of your business continuity needs are covered? Your systems, after all, are the backbone of your operations. Fortunately, tapping into external expertise doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing scenario.

As one of Manitoba’s oldest and most respected firms, Pitblado Law continually evolves its technology and practices to keep pace with business and client needs. This forward-thinking company enlisted Zantek to assess its IT infrastructure and recommend business continuity measures to ensure a consistent level of service, regardless of environmental changes.

“Tapping into Zantek’s expertise enables our IT team to seamlessly escalate any helpdesk issues and ensures we always have the resources we need. And since Zantek is proactively monitoring our network, it’s much easier to plan upgrades and, more importantly, avoid costly repairs and downtime. We have a smaller, more cohesive internal team but our overall service and preparedness has dramatically improved – at about the same cost.”

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