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Proven solutions for the oil & gas industry

As a supplier in the oil and gas industry, your success depends on how quickly and effectively you adapt to change. Coping with rapid growth, evolving customer demands, and global competition requires keen insights into your operations.

SAP Business One software is ideal for a small and midsize business seeking to gain greater control over operations by getting a clear view of all aspects of your business – from general ledger to budgeting, sales, CRM, reporting, field tickets, work orders, project budgets, scheduling, job costing, and inventory management.

See clearly. Think bigger. Act quickly.

  • Proactively manage equipment maintenance
  • Reduce billing collection time
  • Take customer service to a new level with order management and demand planning capabilities
  • Reduce inventory and materials costs through superior tracking, collaboration, and strategic sourcing with suppliers
  • Improve cycle time and equipment usage
  • Connect remote subsidiaries to headquarters and to customers
  • Align supply and manufacturing requirements with dynamic shifts in prices and demand

SAP Business One - an industry-specific solution

Every industry has unique business processes, requirements, and challenges – that’s why SAP® Business One offers more than 550 industry-specific solutions.

In a single application, you can perform key business activities while meeting industry-specific needs, eliminating the complexity of integrating different stand-alone applications.

SAP works closely with selected software solution partners to develop simple, proven, and affordable industry-specific solutions, based on rigorous quality standards. These fully-integrated solutions are designed for efficient, rapid implementation, giving you control over project costs and time.

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